super mascara Benefit Bad gal Bang on sale

super  mascara Benefit Bad gal Bang  on sale 21.12.2018 16:00

super mascara Benefit Bad gal Bang on sale

Meet a hit of 2018!
Super Benefit BAD gal BANG ink which won millions of the female hearts of the whole world, in Egypt now!
This innovative mascara of saturated black color, gives to eyelashes space volume without making heavier them. Thanks to a special long brush of Slimpact brush which consists of 300 cone-shaped bristles mascara is easily applied from roots of eyelashes to the tips painting over each eyelash and creating three-dimensional effect.
The basis of mascara is an innovative formula with aero-particles which allow to create improbable volume without weighting of eyelashes. You can apply mascara a layer behind a layer, giving to your eyelashes dizzy volume.
made in France
the price 350 pounds
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